Monkey Tail Gus and Family visit the ranch

Service dog Gus works for his boy Alex, in elementary school,and lives in Haines Alaska. We are so excited every time Gus brings his family back down to the ranch for a visit! The highlight of the trip was Alex trotting on our gentle therapeutic horse Ben, and Mom and Dad (Victoria and Joshua) getting some much needed family relaxation time. Gus, a black lab, attendes school daily with Alex, and besides being a social bridge, Gus also applies deep pressure when Alex is upset, and alerts Mom when Alex’s blood sugar drops to dangerous levels. Victoria is a key consultant for the Monkey Tail Ranch, and has done a lot of work for assist us with our vision.

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Monkey Tail Hero starts his new tale in Lompoc, CA.

A Hero for Hunter was chosen as a puppy to be a service dog candidate based on  his happy and outgoing personality, and intuitive nature.  at 10 weeks of age, Hero moved to Truckee CA to be with his puppy raiser Dana, and her family.  In July Hunter and his mom (Tamara) met Hero at the Monkey Tail Ranch!  We knew it was a special meeting instantly.    In the fall Hero moved back to the Monkey Tail Ranch and started his  formal training as a Autism Service Dog.   In January, when Hero was about 1 year old, Hero stared his very important job, a Hero for Hunter.

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Relic Blessing at the Ranch

The Spiritual Director of the Maitreya Project, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, has collected sacred relics of the Buddha and other Buddhist masters. Currently touring throughout the world so that visitors can experience the blessings of the holy relics and the message of loving-kindness. The relics have now been publicly displayed in many cities all around the globe.

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