Canine Program

J. & Aspen OT session, December 2013

J. & Aspen OT session, December 2013

We raise Service Dogs specifically for your needs. They are custom trained to be a unique companion for a unique person. We build long term relationships with our families. They are welcome back to our ranch for Recreational Horse Therapy, to visit our animals, or to sit by the campfire and listen to music. This is often wonderful respite for parents.

We pride ourselves on the level of socialization our Service Dogs receive. Socialization is the key to being able to bring your Service Dog anywhere with you. When we bring them home they are potty trained, chew-proofed, have house manners and have terrific on and off leash obedience. Our dogs are tailored specifically for your needs. We have placed dogs that help with deep pressure, sleeping with the child, going to visit to help reduce or redirect stimming behavior or simply as a social bridge to increase interactions with peers. You know your child best, so please bring any ideas you think your child may benefit from and we will do our best to find a way to meet those needs.


Our process begins with gaining a deep understanding of your needs. We only place dogs into families where we are sure we can meet your needs and achieve success. We interview our families carefully before we work with them. We like to visit you in your home and get to know you and see where the dog will live and answer all of your questions before we begin.
Our service dogs go home when they are between 10 months and a year of age. When your dog’s training is complete, we deliver them to your home. We want to see the dog succeed and the bonds develop in the place the dog will be living. We also want to minimize disruption in your life, as many of our clients do not adjust well to traveling. Delivering your dog to your home also allows us to be present if any problems develop. It gives us the chance to work with all the family members, as well as your schools, therapists, or any other aides who are involved with your family.

We offer boarding for all of our alumni at a nominal fee. They are welcome back to the Ranch anytime. While here, they get to play with the other dogs they grew up with as well as receive refresher training on their obedience and manners.