Carrots, Tag, and Ben

ben carrotsAt the Monkey Tail, we are interested in qualitative results, and student centered learning.   Kyle has been coming to the ranch monthly to see how riding Ben, our gentle program horse, may help Kyle with his gross motor skills,  core strength, as well as any other “magic” that may happen.


At the Monkey Tail Ranch we don’t focus on a lesson start and end time,  and we don’t have a daily goal or objective.  We allow the time needed for each individual child and family to have success.  Over the last few months Kyle who was at first tentative about riding, is enthusiastic about the process, and is now even helping with grooming, and feeding.


Our latest update from Kyle.  “Our last visit Kyle was very interested in feeding Ben carrots after the ride.  He has never been comfortable with anything like this.   Since this feeding interaction with Ben, Kyle has started feeding Leo [the dog] treats right into his mouth (previously Kyle would only throw the treats to Leo.)    We are also getting reports back from school that Kyle has been interacting with classmates better and even playing “Tag” with  them.  His tactile defensiveness can be such a problem when it comes to establishing relationships… playing “Tag” is great progress for Kyle”


Kyle will be back at the ranch in April!