Monkey Tail Hero starts his new tale in Lompoc, CA.

A Hero for Hunter was chosen as a puppy to be a service dog candidate based on  his happy and outgoing personality, and intuitive nature.  at 10 weeks of age, Hero moved to Truckee CA to be with his puppy raiser Dana, and her family.  In July Hunter and his mom (Tamara) met Hero at the Monkey Tail Ranch!  We knew it was a special meeting instantly.    In the fall Hero moved back to the Monkey Tail Ranch and started his  formal training as a Autism Service Dog.   In January, when Hero was about 1 year old, Hero stared his very important job, a Hero for Hunter.

Hunters mom posted  “We were waiting in line at our coffee shop when the noise began bothering Hunter. He got to whining and covering his ears but the nice gentleman in front of us looked down at Hero (one thing these dogs do is take the focus off of the child’s disability) and offered to buy my coffee  so that we could go sit down. Without Hero, I am truly unsure that mom would’ve got that coffee yesterday!”


Hero can be seen tethered to Hunter, offering a gentle tug on the line to Hunter when Hunter starts to get distracted or can redirect a stim.  At 5 years old, Hunter took his first walk with his mom (normally Hunter needs to be in a stroller) and were even able to go to the grocery store together!  “Our first trip together to the grocery store to practice tethering… made this mom so happy, made every bit of effort in fundraising completely worth it and then some. At 5 1/2 years old. I was able to walk with my son through the store and OUT of the shopping cart, without him bolting or flopping on the floor. He actually had a smile in his face part of the time!!!”