Our Mission

Puppies in training, July 2013

Puppies in training, July 2013


Mission Statement

The Monkey Tail Ranch improves people’s lives by cultivating relationships with animals, nature and the community.


A 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID 46-1465794.


The Monkey Tail Ranch is committed to providing a unique experience for families that face daily challenges. We pride ourselves on building deep and personal relationships with our families. Members of the Monkey Tail Ranch family have access to a wonderful facility where we train Service Dogs, offer Recreational Horse Therapy, and provide opportunities for rest and respite in an environment no other organization can match.


The Monkey Tail Ranch focuses on serving adults and children on the autism spectrum. We also provide services to help those with post traumatic stress and anxiety issues.


Our Service Dogs are each custom trained for the person they will aid.  They are raised, socialized and trained to help overcome the unique challenges their handlers face.  Our dogs are placed at approximately 10-12 months of age.  We encourage visits with your puppy during their training and spending a few days at the ranch with your family.  We believe that receiving a service dog is a journey, and want to make sure the entire family is included in the process.


We look forward to discussing the benefits of a service dog. The first step is a phone call or email to introduce you to the service dog program, and offer you some help in navigating the process.