Service Dog Application

Before you apply for a Monkey Tail Ranch service dog, it is important that you understand the time and investment required. Please read the below information and understand that by submitting your application you are indicating that you do indeed understand the commitment required.

Receiving a Monkey Tail Ranch Service Dog requires a great commitment. If you enter the MTR program you will be expected to be an active participant of maintaining the training of your service dog. Upon homecoming you will be expected to be present for a four day handler training and practice with the dog every day for several months. The first few months are critical and require great patience, practice and persistence. We recommend a very calm 3 months without any major events scheduled to help transition the dog into his new working life.

Although the dog arrives fully trained the dog will NOT maintain their training, or instantly bond with their handler. A dog's mood, performance and quality of companionship depends on his/her environment, practice and follow-through in training as well as the amount of exercise and affection given. A dog MUST be confident in the family structure to be a successful service dog.

MTR requires that each family adhere to requirements, suggestions, training and guidelines before we will approve a permanent placement.

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