Reina Pasternak

Reina Pasternak, and her family, have been part of the Monkey Tail Ranch for over seven years. Reina brings a unique voice to our Board as she and her family are clients of MTR.

Reina is a former broadcast journalist- having worked at multiple television stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a journalist she was committed to telling stories that were important to the communities she served. While in TV news she spearheaded community Town Hall meetings throughout the Bay Area that gave a space and place for viewers voices.

Reina is a mother of three, and serves as a special needs advocate within her community, and, volunteers at the local high school; providing the community with information on school/district services available to the SpEd. community, coordinates social events for students with Special Needs, and provides a safe space and place within the community to share resources, thoughts, and experiences.

Reina firmly believes in the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. She brings that same sentiment and sense of service, and community, to MTR.